Based in the UK, we provide critical support worldwide, addressing the specific needs of each of our customers with bespoke solutions.

DTVKit services

The DTVKit software community offers its members huge benefits, including reduced development costs and accelerated time to market. As a founding member of DTVKit OBS ensures its customers maximise the benefit of the foundation by:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction through our support packages
  • Reducing time to market by contracting OBS to perform DTVKit-based development
  • Minimising costs by participating in collaborative R&D projects

OBS is committed to using open software tools and components, contributing to the communities we benefit from and providing source code access for our clients.

Training services

Today’s digital TV systems contain so many complex technologies, it’s impossible for your team to be experts in all of them. This can increase costs and cause delays as your team learn new technologies and techniques.

Our experienced training team tailor courses specifically to your requirements. Whether you’re looking for an accelerated start using DTVKit or a detailed understanding of a DTV standard, or you just want to reinforce the skill set of your team, OBS can help. Courses can be delivered on-site anywhere in the world, or at our headquarters in the UK.

Support services

Whether you’re developing a new product or supporting an existing one in the market, when things don’t go exactly as you planned your customers will demand answers.

Given the cutting-edge technologies involved and the wide and complex array of standards, our client’s internal development teams always benefit from our expert support.

OBS offers both long-term and one-off support contracts which provide your team with immediate access to experienced engineers, with unrivalled expertise in standards and implementation for both OBS and DTVKit technologies.

Our support services will enhance your team’s effectiveness and enable you to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Development services

OBS provides a wide range of development services to companies creating the next generation of DTV platforms. Our engineering team are unrivalled in the set-top box and DTV markets, capable of rapidly creating systems using a combination of our own components and a wide range of third party solutions.

OBS can deliver development services for all parts of a system, including porting, component and application development, and full system integration.

We make your priorities ours, understanding the importance of accelerated time to market whilst maintaining high-quality products for your customers.

Collaboration services

Our industry has a proven track record of collaboration when it comes to setting standards. But once these are agreed, we believe the industry implements them inefficiently. New standards are either activated by a company’s in-house R&D team which means the company carries the full cost and risk of the development, or the technology is licensed from a third party, loading each product with licensing costs and thus reducing margin and competitiveness.

OBS has developed an entirely new approach to implement new standards. Members of the DTVKit Foundation can share development costs of upgraded or new components across several companies. As the cost is split between a number of companies, it’s far cheaper than in-house development and as there are no royalties to pay it doesn’t add to product cost.

Testing services

There’s a multitude of industry standards to be met when bringing consumer electronics products to market successfully. OBS has invested in test equipment and software that allows us to test the compliance of a product to range of industry standards most notably the DVB and DTG specifications.

Our testing team develops and maintains a fully automated testing environment for our own software, and brings this knowledge to client projects. Whether it’s a one-off standards-based test, or continuous integration testing of your product over time, OBS supports its clients in exceeding their ambitions at an affordable cost.

Consultancy services

Within the ever-changing hybrid environment, DTV platforms are becoming more and more complex. Hybrid receivers give operators the opportunity to deliver multifaceted platforms with super-rich content from OTT, VoD and traditional linear broadcast.

Intensified competition and decreasing margins means ever-changing technical challenges in the DTV market. At the heart of OBS is an engineering team with a wide range of software capabilities, covering a variety of different fields, and with highly developed skills in current and next generation product deployments and DTV platforms. Whatever your DTV challenge, OBS can advise you on the best strategy to achieve your ambitions.

UI Design services

The User Interface is a key part of any TV or set top box design, and can often make or break a product. There is little value in supporting all the latest smart features in your device, if a user struggles to use them. Similarly, a poor performing UI can be the downfall of an otherwise class leading product.

OBS’ experience with a wide range of UI technologies, make us ideally placed to take your designs and make them a reality. Whether it’s a small footprint native UI for a low cost set top box, or a more sophisticated HTML/JS/CSS based UI framework that can scale across devices, OBS can help ensure the best overall experience for the end user. If you are not exactly certain how you want things to look, OBS also works with graphic design partners that can help you to realise your ideas. Click here to see our portfolio of UI designs.


“The OBS team have provided us with invaluable advice and knowledge about the TV market, essential in realising our vision. They took the time to understand our specific requirements and delivered an outstanding solution.”