OBS products are developed to the highest standards and with the global market in mind. This allows us to offer robust solutions and competitive advantages to chipset vendors, set top box manufacturers, broadcasters and content developers.

Sunrise DVB Middleware

Sunrise is OBS’ family of DVB software products, offering Free to Air (FTA) and Pay-per-View (PPV) functionality. It encompasses every component required to provide clients with DTV on a set-top box or television. Developed to DVB and DTG D-book standards, and written in ANSI C programming language, Sunrise is modular, hardware agnostic and comprises all the elements needed for DTV services for satellite, terrestrial and cable.

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Voyager MHEG-5 Engine

Voyager is OBS’ DVB-based MHEG-5 middleware system, which enables interactive services (Press Red Functionality) on digital TV devices for every transmission network (DVB-T/S/C). The red button functionality allows you to use various interactive MHEG applications broadcast with DVB digital TV services.

OBS MHEG-5 middleware is fully compliant with all the MHEG standards as set in the UK 1.06 and Dbook 6.2.1, Dbook 7…

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HbbTV software

Although HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a European digital TV standard, it’s become a global initiative in the last 5 years. It brings together elements of many other standards and existing web technologies (such as OIPF, CEA, WC3 and DVB) to harmonise the delivery of broadcast and broadband content to consumers.

Through a hybrid IPTV set-top box, HbbTV software enables consumers to access new broadcaster services including catch-up TV, video on demand (VoD), interactive advertising, voting…

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CI Plus Host Library

CI Plus (CI+) is a technical specification that is an extension to the proven DVB common interface standard (DVB-CI). The CI Plus forum finalised the specification in June 2008, allowing for secure delivery of pay-TV services to CI-Plus compatible CE devices such as set-top boxes and integrated Digital TVs (iDTVs).

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